heine cube system

Wireless image & data management for up to 10 digital dermatoscopes.

An easy-to-operate digital documentation solution for wirelessly recording and editing dermatoscopic images. Several examiners can easily capture images in their normal workflow with multiple mobile HEINE devices. The pictures are instantly and wirelessly transferred to the CUBE, where they can be retrieved, analysed, compared and managed from any laptop, PC or tablet using a simple web browser interface. 

  • Innovative data management: A series of pictures of skin over time to help with detecting skin cancer at an early stage.

  • No annoying cables: Everything’s simply done wirelessly.

  • Fast-track patient care due to flexible room occupancy and reduced waiting times.

  • Relevant data is transferred from your Patient Management System (PMS) at the push of a button.

  • Intuitive and flexible image allocation: Overview photographs, individual pictures or series of pictures. Bodymap or overview function. Annotate images straight away or later on.

  • Smart ideas for serial documentation:

  • During the examination: compare current pictures 1:1 with previous ones.

  • Show four photos next to one another: help with showing progression over time.

  • Slide-over: place one image on top of another.

  • Contour comparison: put a previous picture’s contours over the current shot.

  • Data protection: All the data and pictures are stored in total security, only locally and not on the image capturing device. Only the practitioner / clinic has password-protected access. However, the patient can take the images away with them on a data carrier or as print-outs.

  • Plug in and work on. It’s as easy as logging a new smartphone into the wireless network. Switch on the Cube, enter your credentials, install the app on the iPhone, slide onto the HEINE dermatoscope, and get cracking.

The next 5 customers who purchase a HEINE CUBE System & IC1 Dermatoscope from SSS Australia will receive a FREE 2020 iPhone SE, worth $679.*

heine free iphone cube offer

The IC1 Dermatoscope

The All-Rounder: The HEINE iC1 is a completely digital Dermatoscope suitable for clinicians where digital documentation and record keeping is of paramount importance. Simple, wireless and great for patient education.

• 40 x Digital Magnification
• Polarised & Non-Polarised
• Contact
• iPhone 6/7/8 Digital Documentation
• 5 year warranty

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